2021-2022 FASFAA Elections

The FASFAA Executive Board is pleased to present the following slate of candidates for the 2021-2022 FASFAA Election.  Please join us in thanking all those who were willing to be nominated to serve this outstanding association!  Polls are open until June 3rd, 2021.

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President-Elect Nominees

Nadine BaileyStatement of Candidacy 

Heidi GoldsworthyStatement of Candidacy


Secretary Nominees

Susan AmbridgeStatement of Candidacy

Trellis WilliamsStatement of Candidacy 


Treasurer-Elect Nominees

Joseph LarreaStatement of Candidacy 

 Tracy MorganStatement of Candidacy


Region I Representative Nominees

Joanne Rozborski-Statement of Candidacy

 Ivy Wilcox-Statement of Candidacy


Region III Representative Nominees

Arminta JohnsonStatement of Candidacy

 Angelica ParralesStatement of Candidacy


Region V Representative Nominees

Marissa MilesStatement of Candidacy

 Pamela WelchStatement of Candidacy