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Dear FASFAA members,

We are delighted to serve as Conference Co-Chairs for the 2016 FASFAA Conference! This year the conference will be held May 24-27, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa in Bonita Springs, FL. 

Tracy Wiles, 2016 FASFAA Conference Co-Chair
Thomas Vo, 2016 FASFAA Conference Co-Chair

President's Welcome

FASFAA Colleagues,



Ryan McNamara

Your 2015-16 FASFAA President

Leadership Experience

We are launching a new leadership program called FASFAA Leadership Experience. The FASFAA Leadership Experience is an exceptional professional development opportunity for those seeking advancement and leadership training in the financial aid profession. Application to the FASFAA Leadership Experience is open to individuals from all FASFAA member institutions. It is a two year commitment which requires a recommendation and commitment from a supervisor and/or administration.

Please complete the form by TBD

All applicants will be notified by TBD.


FASFAA membership is a requirement for conference attendance. If you were a prior member of FASFAA but have not paid your 2015-2016 annual membership click here and complete the 2015-2016 FASFAA Membership Renewal Form and then return to this page to complete your conference registration. Your conference registration fee will cover your membership renewal fee for 2016-2017.

Current FASFAA members: When you register for the 2016 FASFAA Annual Conference below your conference fee will cover your membership renewal fee of $30 for 2016-2017.

Warning:  Do not attempt to register someone else using your FASFAA user ID and password as this will change your personal FASFAA membership profile. 

Member Registration: COMING SOON!

Non-Member Registration: COMING SOON!

If you are retired then please click here to email the Conference Registration Chair for the retired discount code.

If your school is interested in the possibility of sending participants for only one day then please click here to email the Conference Registration Chair.

Please note:  We encourage you to complete your registration online if you plan to attend the conference. Registering prior to arriving will help expedite the registration process and make it easier once you arrive on-site.

Conference fees Current Member Cost Non-Member Cost
Full Conference Fee $275.00 $305.00

Individual Guest meal fees Event Cost
Tuesday May 24th (Opening) Lunch $68 / person
Wednesday May 25th Breakfast $55 / person
Wednesday May 25th Lunch $68 / person
Thursday May 26th Breakfast $55 / person
Thursday May 26th Lunch $68 / person
 Friday May 27th  (Closing) Breakfast  $55 / person

Pre-conference workshop fees      Cost     
Cash Management / Business Office Workshop $160
CMBO Registration:  COMING SOON!   

Important information:

  • Guest Meal Tickets must be selected and paid for with registration.
  • Guests are welcome to join the opening day reception.
  • If you forgot your password, click on this "Forgot your password?" link and it will be e-mailed to you.
  • If you are paying by credit card, click the "Credit Card" button on the payments page. Do not click on the "PayPal" button unless you are a "PayPal" member and know your PayPal password. When paying by credit card, please be sure the billing address fields on the payment form match the credit card billing address of the card you are using. The credit card confirmation process requires a matching address for security purposes.
  • If you will be sending payment by check, click the "Send Check" button on the payments page. Please be advised your registration will be considered "pending" until payment is received.
  • Registration cancellation fee is $75 (Cancellation received after May 16th will be charged 50% of the registration fee).
  • No refunds after May 23rd. If you register and do not attend you will be charged 100%.
  • The Member Conference Registration Form is for current active FASFAA members only. In order to access this registration form you must have paid dues for the 2015-2016 membership year which runs from July 1st, 2015 - June 30th, 2016.
  • Questions or issues?  

    - John Snow for Membership Status or Password retrieval

    - Tracy Wiles for Registration

    - FASFAA's Bookkeeper for Payments

Pre-Conference Workshop

In conjunction with the annual conference FASFAA will hold a Cash Management / Business Office Pre-Conference Workshop, May 23rd - May 24th.  The workshop will begin Monday morning and conclude with lunch on Tuesday afternoon; just in time for the start of the annual conference.

Registration for the Cash Management / Business Office Pre-Conference Workshop is $160.


Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa

5001 Coconut Road
Bonita Springs, Florida, USA, 34134

Room Rate:  Starting from $159.00, and good from 05/22/2016 to 05/29/2016

For on-line room reservations click on the following link.


Rooms must be reserved by 05/15/2016 to receive the guaranteed FASFAA rate.

 If you need additional assistance then please call 1-888-421-1442.

Surrounded by tropical landscapes and Estero Bay, with over 75,000 square feet of flexible function space, a full service business center, championship golf course and world class spa, Hyatt Regency Coconut Spa & Resort is the ideal Florida Gulf Coast destination for work or play. We offer a collection of resort shops, on-site car rental and tour services for your convenience. Our knowledgeable Concierge is available to assist you with arrangements for everything from a massage at Stillwater Spa to dinner reservations, a shopping excursion or tee times at Raptor Bay Golf Club. Set out for an unforgettable escape near Naples FL.

You can also interact with the Hyatt Concierge on Twitter @HyattConcierge


General Information

  • Dress for the entire conference will be business casual (that means no suits are necessary).  Business casual typically means not wearing neckties or suits, but collared or polo shirts and cotton trousers or khaki’s for men.  For women khakis, dresses, skirts and blouses are fine.
Items to Bring
  • Business cards

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray

  • Umbrella

  • Sweater or long sleeve light jacket/blazer for cooler meeting spaces

  • TBD

Exhibit area:
  • Vendors/Exhibitors will be located TBD
Internet access:
  • Wi-Fi = TBD

    Password = TBD
Meals on your own:
  • TBD

Agenda / Schedule

The conference agenda is COMING SOON!

The mobile app is COMING SOON!

Speakers & Special Guests

- Nathan Basford
Florida State University
Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators President

- David Bartinicki

Federal Training Officer
U.S. Department of Education

- Justin Draeger

- Les Brown




Session descriptions, in PDF format & Word format, are coming soon!

PowerPoint / PDFs:
(presentations marked with * won't have a handout)


  • 23-00, TBD 
  • 23-01, TBD
  • 23-02, TBD


  • 24-00, TBD
  • 24-01, TBD
  • 24-02, TBD
  • 24-03, TBD
  • 24-04, TBD
  • 24-05, TBD
  • 24-06, TBD
  • 24-07, TBD
  • 24-08, TBD
  • 24-09, TBD
  • 24-10, TBD 


  • 25-00, TBD
  • 25-01, TBD
  • 25-02, TBD
  • 25-03, TBD
  • 25-04, TBD
  • 25-05, TBD
  • 25-06, TBD
  • 25-07, TBD
  • 25-08, TBD
  • 25-09, TBD
  • 25-10, TBD
  • User Group break-out sessions:
    - BUGS (Banner)
    - JUGS (Jenzabar)
    - PUGS (PeopleSoft)


  • 26-00, TBD
  • 26-01, TBD
  • 26-02, TBD
  • 26-03, TBD
  • 26-04, TBD
  • 26-05, TBD
  • 26-06, TBD
  • 26-07, TBD
  • 26-08, TBD
  • 26-09, TBD
  • 26-10, TBD


  • 27-00, TBD
  • 27-01, TBD

Community Service Project


The charity for this year's conference is Community Cooperative.  Community Cooperative seeks to eliminate hunger and homelessness in Lee County while simultaneously inspiring and supporting sustained positive change in its clients by delivering innovative food, education and social service programs.

Donations to Community Cooperative will be accepted at the conference and may also be submitted online at http://www.ccmileecounty.com/CCMI_CMS/index.php/donate/online-donations

Local Arrangements

Tuesday Night Minute to Win It  TBD 
Wednesday Night Bingo  TBD 
Thursday Night Talent Show  TBD 
Thursday Night Scavenger Hunt  TBD 

Exhibitor Information

FASFAA is pleased to offer you, our colleagues in the business sector, the opportunity to support our training efforts as financial aid professionals. While we will continue to offer individual training activities for sponsors to advertise and exhibit, we have also produced some discounted packages that will allow you to take advantage of some very significant cost savings.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Conference Support Recognition

We would like to recognize the following organizations that have provided conference support to ensure that FASFAA continues to provide training opportunities to the membership:

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Their combined support contributes to the success of the association’s premier annual training event, the FASFAA Annual Conference!


Presenter / Moderator Checklist

Presenter Checklist:

Thank you for presenting at this year's conference!
  • We are inviting presenters to use the FASFAA PowerPoint Template, use of this template is recommended, not mandatory. (See attached template.)

  • The Conference Committee has secured a Laptop, LCD Projector, Screen, table for equipment, power and internet access for each meeting room.

  • Submit a copy of your finished presentation by May 1st. All presentations will be posted to the conference website, and registered conference attendees will be notified about the availability to download. If you haven’t submitted the presentation in a power point format you MUST also bring it on a jump drive so it can be loaded at the time of your session.

Moderator Checklist:

Thank you for serving as a moderator at this year's conference!
  • Please be in contact with the presenter(s) prior to the conference to obtain their official biographic information and determine how they would like to be introduced for the session.

  • Please attend a brief Moderator Q&A session.

  • On the day and time of the session, please arrive at the room at least 10 minutes prior to the session. If the presenter did not provide their presentation to the conference committee in advance, their presentation will need to be loaded on the meeting room laptop. At the starting time of the session, welcome all to the session and introduce the presenter(s). During the session, take a head count of attendees. At the end of the session, remind attendees that the evaluation of the session will be electronic and will be sent via email after the conference. After the session, submit your head count information to a member of the Conference Committee.

Conference Committee Members

The conference committee list-serve email address is 

Conference Chairs:
  •  Thomas Vo
  •  Tracy Wiles
Registration Chair:
  •  Brian Casey
Program Chair:
  •  Maureen Anderson
Facilities Chair:
  • Jan Smith 
Site Selection Chair:
  • Lori Auxier 
Electronic Services Chairs:
  • Christina Acosta-Heritage
  • Kris Hatcher
Membership Chair:
  • John Snow
Local Arrangements & Evening Events Chair:
  •  Anne Hart
Clock Hour Programs Chair:
  •  Lorrie Allen
Charity Chair:
  •  Catherine Morgan
Photography, Ambassador & Volunteer Chair:
  •  Rick Snodgrass
Vendor / Sponsorship Chair:
  • David Alexander
FASFAA President:
  • Ryan McNamara 
FASFAA President-Elect:
  • Joan Bailey
FASFAA Treasurer:
  • Gail Rogers
FASFAA Bookkeeper:
  • Gwyn Francis
2017 Conference Chairs:
  • Nathan Basford
  • Tracy Wiles


Members of the Florida Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (FASFAA) recognize that one of the purposes of FASFAA is to provide training and information services to its members through training conferences and periodic written material. While FASFAA shall utilize its best efforts to provide its members with the most current information available, there can be no assurances or warranty that any such information provided to the membership is correct or has not been superseded or that more current information is not available. Furthermore, FASFAA can give no assurances or warranty that its interpretation of any rule, regulation, or statute will be in conformance with any present or future interpretation of such rule, regulation or statute by any appropriate governmental authority. Accordingly, each member shall hold FASFAA harmless from any claims, damages or liability resulting from such member's use of any information, data or interpretations as provided to such member by FASFAA.

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