Who We Are

The Florida Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (FASFAA) is a not-for-profit educational corporation comprised of nearly 900 financial aid professionals. These individuals represent all sectors of the financial aid community, including postsecondary institutions in Florida, lending institutions, state governmental agencies, loan servicing agencies, and other organizations that support financial aid administration. 

The purpose of FASFAA is to develop and maintain professional standards of financial aid administration, to promote cooperation and communication among its members, and to promote and endorse student financial aid programs that are consistent with good professional practice.

The programs and services that support the purpose of FASFAA are designed to:

  • Enhance the professional competency of financial aid administrators, high school guidance counselors, and others concerned with the support and administration of financial aid through regular publications, workshops, conferences, research and training materials.
  • Facilitate communication between educational institutions and sponsors of student financial aid funds through an exchange of ideas, information and experience.
  • Promote an awareness of financial aid to students, parents, the secondary and post-secondary education community, and to other groups that may be identified.
FASFAA is affiliated with the Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (SASFAA) and the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), with numerous FASFAA members actively involved with both organizations.


Membership in FASFAA consists of persons associated with the administration of student financial assistance programs in post-secondary institutions of educational or government agencies are eligible for regular membership. Persons who are working for lending institutions, secondary school systems, or private, community, or civic organizations may be associate members. Membership dues are currently $30 per year (July 1-June 30).

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Training and Conferences—Training is essential to the financial aid profession. Members are provided with many opportunities to learn and understand the rules and regulations that govern the profession. Training is conducted at semi-annual conferences and workshops.  The conferences and workshops serve as forums for the discussion of developments and issues related to financial aid and post-secondary education funding.
  • Job Board—An employment exchange is available to individuals seeking employment in the financial aid field. Names and addresses of job seekers and available positions are kept on file and information is exchanged in a timely, confidential fashion. 
  • Newsletter—Newsletter is published to keep members in touch with issues affecting financial aid, legislative concerns, management tips and member news. Members are encouraged to submit articles and news items for publication.
  • Networking—Use the online Membership Directory to keep in contact with colleagues from throughout the state. Also use the Community Forums to ask questions and post comments.