Region 3 - East Central Florida


Dear Region III, Financial Aid Colleagues

As we start a new challenging 2020- 2021 academic year full of uncertainties and possibilities, it is a privilege to be the FASFAA Region III representative.  I look forward to being able to join our FASFAA board in offering innovative ways to continue to provide professional and personal support to our community.

 It is with a humble heart that I want to express my most deeply appreciation and admiration to our financial aid community that has continued to reach deep and continue to work hard to offer an opportunity to our students to continue having a dream of a successful tomorrow.

 The FASFAA association is a continuation of those efforts and aspires to bring together our community and strengthen our commitment to our students and institutions. We hope to continue to offer our members the guidance and resources needed to manage our programs, meet compliance, and assist our students. Join us in making this possible. This year we want our members to “See the possibilities, expand your horizons” and you wish to be a part of this year’s missions and join the challenge please let me know if you would like to volunteer in any of our committees.


 Abigail Troche

University of Central Florida

Regional III Representative

[email protected]




Please join us for the Statewide Fall 2020 Workshop where we will discuss all things FASFAA-related! Our very own FASFAA President and Region Representatives will announce important updates to members. Additionally, by attending this workshop, you will be able to earn your NASFAA Credential in Return of Title IV Funds at no extra cost for all current members. We look forward to learning together!

Please note that the fee associated with testing to earn the NASFAA R2T4 credential will be a separate cost. The fee to take the test is $99, however, NASFAA will provide a 50% discount to guests who attend both, Part 1 and Part 2, of the NASFAA R2T4 training sessions on October 16th.


  October 16th, 2020


  10am - 3:30pm EST


  Virtual (GoToWebinar Platform) - Flyer


  Statewide Fall 2020 Workshop Agenda


  Statewide Fall 2020 Workshop Registration




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