Region 3 - East Central Florida


Dear Region III, Financial Aid Colleagues


As the 2019-2020 Regional III representative, I wanted to express my appreciation to be given this opportunity to offer my commitment and support to the duties and responsibilities of this position. I have been a Financial aid professional for many years and understand the challenges as well as the rewards of our profession.

Because of our shared goals and strong commitment to serve our institutions and students, I believe we can come together to strengthen our experiences, relationships and understanding of the Financial Aid profession.

With your assistance I hope to be able to provide training and workshops that will enhance and strengthen our members expertise. I look forward to meeting and working with you in building our community strengths. 





Professional Development











Abigail Troche

Regional III Representative

[email protected]


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Region III Fall 2019 workshop:


  Friday November 1, 2019


 Valencia College District Office Conference Room

1768 Park Center Drive

Orlando, FL 32835






Region III Spring 2020 workshop:






 Coming Soon


 Coming Soon

2019 Spring Workshop Presentations


A whack on the side of the head

Animals Approach to Conflict Resolution

OSFA Update

Oz Principle

What is Collaboration?


2018 Fall Workshop Presentations


Communicating with Today's Students   

Mental Health and our students

Work-Life Balance

Bias in Professional Judgment

How to create a Financial Aid Manual

State Updates


2018 Spring Workshop Presentations


1) Exercising Professional Judgment Post PPY

2) Customer Service Vs. Customer Experience

3) Sharpen Your Pencils - A History of Needs Analysis

4) Sharpen Your Pencils - Needs Analysis Applied

5) State Updates


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