2019-2020 FASFAA Executive Board (as of July 1, 2019)


Elected Officers


Daniel Barkowitz



Dameion Lovett


Vice President

Nadine Bailey



Jenny Cun


Katie Conrad


Treasurer Elect

Eileen Brzozowski

Immediate Past President

David Alexander


Elected Region Representatives

Region I

Shana Gore


Region II

Nichole Crowley

Region III

Abigail Troche


Region IV

Kylie Gross

Region V

Jessica Ly


Members At Large Appointments

Annual Conference Chair

Karemah Manselle


Site Selection/Event Coordinator

Jeff Daniels

Global Issues

Trey Harrison


Federal and State Legislative Chair



Kimberly Lent

Vendor/Sponsorship Coordinator

Laura Dickerson

Committee Chair Appointments

Parliamentarian Chair/Fiscal Concerns

David Alexander


Dameion Lovett


Membership Chair

Suzanne Evans


Electronic Services Chair

Jeremiah "Jerry" McMahon

OSFA Liaison & Newsletter Chair

Louanne Standley 

Lou Anne Standley pic

Vocational-Technical / Clock Hour Chair

Teriann Wright


Special Initiatives/Outreach/Communications

Vanessa Alfaro

Scholarship / Charity Committee Chair

Merrian King


Financial Literacy / Early Awareness

Ilia Cordero


Graduate & Professional

Sandy Shimp

Volunteer Coordinator

Kamia Mwango



Chansone Durden

25+ Year Member Liason

Donna Kolb


Wayne Kruger

Private College (For Profit / Non-for-Profit) Liaison

Kevin McCrary


FASFAA Support

Bookkeeper/Paid Position

Gwyn Francis